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    • A board certified family lawyer serving Tampa, since 1996

Experienced Tampa Divorce Attorney & Family Law Assistance

Working from our centrally located office in downtown Tampa, Florida, the Quinn Law Firm, P.A. focuses exclusively on marital and family law. This allows us to strive for superior personalized service and aggressive representation on behalf of our family law clients.

20 Years of Experience as a Tampa Divorce Attorney

Mary Quinn has over 20 years of experience as a Tampa Divorce Attorney. She is a Board Certified Family Law Attorney and the Founder and Managing Partner of Quinn Law Firm, P.A. The law firm specializes in complex dissolution of marriage litigation and negotiations, mediations, parenting and time-sharing issues, custodial determination, asset distribution, spousal support, maintenance and alimony. Mary Quinn also has experience in the preparation and execution of Premarital Agreements, litigation experience with domestic violence issues, Paternity actions, modifications of existing Orders of the Court and declaratory relief as it relates to Family Law.

Helping families address the most pressing family law issues

Having an experienced lawyer in Tampa guide you through the challenges and transitions involved with divorce can make a considerable difference in the outcome of your legal matter. The founder of the Quinn Law Firm, Mary Elizabeth Quinn, is Board Certified in marital and family law, which means she is among a small percentage of Florida attorneys whose “certification is the highest level of evaluation by the Florida Bar of competency and experience within an area of law.” Whether drafting premarital agreements to deal with financial affairs prior to marriage or helping clients with estate planning to preserve assets acquired during a marriage, clients benefit considerably from her professionalism. As a highly skilled lawyer, she assists clients with all aspects of divorce, from marriage dissolution to child custody, child support, alimony, and property division issues. She continues to help families, through modifications and enforcement of court-ordered support or custody.

Overcoming obstacles involved with divorce

Divorce is a complex process that potentially affects every aspect of one’s life, from financial to emotional, physical to legal. Ms. Quinn’s objective is to provide you with an assessment of your case and assist in formulating solutions that best suit your family’s needs and goals. Utilizing our specific knowledge and experience in the area of family law, we strive to settle clients’ disputes quickly and discreetly using settlement mechanisms such as mediation. People can save significant time and expense by using mediation to resolve contested issues. Mediation can also reduce the emotional impact and stress involved with divorce. By comparison, the adversarial nature of courtroom litigation often fuels animosities. Even so, some couples cannot settle their differences outside of court. For this reason, our firm is ready and able to litigate your case to conclusion whenever settlement is impossible.

Clients take advantage of our broad background and depth of experience, whether mediating a settlement or litigating contested issues.

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For trusted legal assistance concerning marital and family law matters, please contact our law firm at 813-418-7405 to arrange an appointment with our family law attorney.