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Collaborative Divorce in Tampa — A Less-Adversarial Approach to Divorce


Our attorneys can help you pursue a collaborative divorce in Tampa, and they’ll give you the advice, support and representation you need to get the best possible outcome from your divorce proceedings.

To begin working with Quinn Law firm, contact us using the form here. We’ve provided some information for you below that will help you understand how collaborative divorce lawyers work, and whether this process is the best option for you.

The Collaborative Divorce Process

The collaborative divorce process allows the two partners in a marriage to resolve their property and other disputes without the interference of judges or courts. In order to do this, the divorcees and their lawyers must enter into a binding agreement to create a settlement that both sides are satisfied with. As long as the agreement is active, a settlement can be developed, piece by piece.

One of the most important parts of this process is the participation of neutral experts. Clients and their collaborative divorce attorneys can be joined at the negotiating table by experts who have been chosen by either lawyer (or both) to provide an informed perspective on questions like the valuation of properties and the best choices for custody.

If the divorcing couple cannot come to an agreement, the settlement fails and both partners are back where they started. Failure is quite rare, however.

How Your Interests Are Protected

While this process is not considered “adversarial”, your collaborative divorce lawyer’s priorities are the same as they’d be in any other situation. As a client, you will be given all the support, protection and advice you need to make a good choice. Even when operating under an agreement, your needs are our highest priority.

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