Our Family law & Modification attorneys have the experience necessary to assist you with all facets of a modification case.

Modification of Florida Family Court Orders

From the start, our goal is to assist you in obtaining the best possible ruling to resolve your marital dispute. But things change, and sometimes the original court ruling or final judgment may need to be modified. 

When your circumstances change, our attorneys will assist you in obtaining a modification of your current arrangement as it applies to alimony, timesharing, or child support payments. On the other hand, if your former spouse is petitioning for a modification that goes against your best interests, we can defend and represent you in court. 

In these stressful and highly emotional situations, we tailor our strategy to first seek out a peaceful resolution through mediation as required by the court. But if we are unable to reach a fair resolution that you are happy with through mediation, know that we will take every necessary step to help you get the best outcome through court intervention. 

Tampa Divorce Modification Lawyer

A Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage effectively ends a divorce action. This judgment typically involves obligations regarding parental responsibility and timesharing, child support, alimony, or a combination of these.

In an ideal situation, both divorced spouses would comply with these provisions, and there would be no unexpected circumstances that would require modification. But no one can predict the future, and so it’s actually common for divorced spouses with children to return to court at some point concerning the enforcement or modification of the Final Judgment. 

The Modification Process 

The parenting and child support obligations set forth in a Final Judgement are intended to last for several years, or as long as the child is under the age of 18. A lot can happen in that time – examples of reasons divorced spouses may request a modification of a previous Final Judgment include: 

  • Requiring a different amount of child support
  • Requiring a different amount of alimony
  • Desiring a different timesharing schedule for both parties’ children 

If both parties do not agree to a modification, then the Final Judgment of Dissolution requires that the case be re-opened with a supplemental petition to modify parent responsibility.  The supplemental petition must claim, and the petitioning party must prove, that a change of circumstances has occurred post-judgment that is: 

  •  Substantial
  • Unforeseen
  • Involuntary (from the perspective of the petitioner)
  • & Permanent

The family law attorneys at Quinn & Lynch, P.A., bring the same level of expertise and compassion to post-judgment issues as we bring to the initial divorce proceeding. As in the initial proceedings, most of these later disputes can be resolved without court intervention through negotiation or mediation. And when those options have been exhausted are simply not possible, our attorneys are ready to prepare a persuasive case, whether your goal is to pursue or defend against a motion for modification, enforcement, or contempt. 

Our Family Law attorneys have significant experience with cases involving all forms of Modification of Judgment or Orders. Seeking the advice of our experienced family law attorneys who are skilled in the modification process and representation is essential in order to protect yourself. Contact the Modification and Family Law attorneys of Quinn & Lynch, to schedule a consultation for representation in a divorce case by calling (813) 223-7739 or contact us online.