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An overview of Florida divorce

Whether going through an uncontested or contested divorce, the process is legally complex and emotionally stressful. You must adhere to judicial procedures and understand legal requirements, which is why having an attorney is vital to protect your rights and interests. An experienced divorce lawyer can explain your options and help you make informed decisions, which is vitally important since those decisions can last a lifetime.

Divorce basics and grounds

Florida is a no-fault divorce state and Florida statutes only provide two grounds for divorce:

  • Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
  • Mental incapacity for three years of one spouse prior to filing the divorce petition

The advantages of a no-fault divorce are that spouses do not have to prove the other spouse was at fault for the marriage breakdown. Consequently, there tends to be less acrimony and blame and a greater likelihood of spouses resolving their issues.

Residency requirements include living in Florida for six months prior to filing and filing can occur in the county where either spouse resides.

Contested vs. uncontested

To obtain a divorce you must resolve all issues relating to your children, their residence and time sharing, child support, alimony, valuation and equitable distribution of property. When you can agree about resolving these issues and grounds, your divorce is uncontested. We are here to assist with negotiations and settlement in order to resolve your family law matters more quickly.

When you and your spouse cannot resolve these issues or agree on grounds, it is contested. Litigation is required and the court makes decisions for you. As experienced Tampa attorneys, we are ready and have the experience to effectively litigate your case to its conclusion.

Some of the most challenging aspects

Resolving issues involved with child custody and property division are often some of the greatest challenges couples face during divorce. Courts consider the best interests of the child as the pivotal factor when weighing circumstances and determining child custody.

Property division can be extremely complex, requiring the characterization of marital and separate property, property valuation and tax repercussions based on how the property is divided.

Experienced representation from Tampa divorce Lawyers

Focusing exclusively on the areas of marital and family law, our Tampa divorce attorneys are able to provide you with superior personalized service, aggressive representation and over a decade of knowledge and experience in these areas. Our objective is to inform you of your legal rights, provide you with options regarding all issues you face and offer you solutions that best suit your needs and those of your family.

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