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Divorce in Tampa, Florida

Family law addresses the dynamics of family relationships from a legal perspective, setting the parameters for parenting, custody, financial support, rights against domestic violence and other family matters based on Florida law. At the Quinn Law Firm, P.A., our Tampa attorneys provide clients with valuable legal guidance and representation, working diligently to help families meet their objectives.


Florida statutes refer to divorce as €œmarriage dissolution.€ It ends a marriage and, in certain ways, changes the lifestyle that went with it. By working closely with Tampa family law attorneys, you may be able to preserve many assets, minimize tax consequences and in some cases even keep the family home. When getting a divorce you have many factors to consider, and couples with children face additional challenges.

Child custody

Parents love their children and often want to spend as much time with them as possible. One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is working out a parenting plan (visitation rights and custody) and arranging schedules in the children’s best interests yet also accommodating demands on parents’ lives. Options include sole custody, joint custody and rotating custody. Child custody also involves physical custody, which is providing for the child’s daily needs (food, shelter, clothing, transportation to school and social events) and legal custody, where parents make major decisions about health care, education, religious upbringing and social activities for the child.

Child support

Overall, Florida Child Support Guidelines dictate child support calculations. However, some couples have special situations that require a more customized approach. As experienced attorneys we at Mary Elizabeth Quinn know how to deal with exceptions and circumstances that require that extra attention to detail.


Today, with both spouses often working, not every divorce involves alimony. The crucial factors in determining alimony are the extent of a spouse’s inability to be self-supportive along with the lifestyle previously maintained during the marriage.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence often leads to divorce, but the main priority is ensuring safety for the victim through a protective order or restraining order, which Florida statutes refer to as an injunction for protection.

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