Contemplating a split or divorce from your spouse? An experienced family law attorney can help with predivorce planning.

If you are contemplating a split or divorce from your spouse , a practical solution is to seek predivorce planning from an experienced family law attorney. By looking ahead and securing valuable information, you may ease the transition of a split or divorce for both you and your children.

Speaking with an experienced family law attorney about your options may ease the stress of the situation. There are several options to choose from when contemplating a divorce. Mediation is an alternative to litigation. It is a method for people who have disputes to communicate their issues and attempt to resolve them with the help of a mediator in a non-adversarial setting. The goal of mediation is to allow you and your partner to make decisions that are best for your family outside the court arena.

Another option for predivorce planning is discussing collaborative divorce with an experienced family law attorney. Collaborative divorce is another alternative to divorce litigation. In collaborative divorce, each party has their own family law attorney. The parties and their attorneys work with a team of professionals such as a facilitator and accountant to amicably resolve the issues in their case. There is no litigation involved in this process other than to attend a final hearing once a written settlement agreement has been reached. Collaborative divorce is non-adversarial in nature and can potentially be less expensive than litigation.

The final option is to go to court for your divorce case. This should be your last resort as it may become contentious and may hinder or destroy the relationship you and your spouse currently have. It should not be taken into lightly. Meeting with a divorce professional to discuss your options is an important step at the beginning of a split or divorce from your spouse.

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