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More Testimonials

I retained Mary’s services based on a recommendation from a very good friend. The superior services of Mary Quinn far exceeded my expectations of the divorce process. She listened carefully to what I had to say and worked with me to always to what is best for my child. Mary’s diligence and incredible knowledge of the process moved my case forward in a very timely manner.

Mary’s reputation exceeds her and she is held in the upmost respect throughout our community. Her years of experience and relationships she has built make her a highly regarded attorney.

Years have passed since my divorce. Since then, I have recommended several people to Mary Quinn. Each one has retained Mary and thanked me endlessly for recommending her. Mary is much more than an attorney; she is an amazing person who is a tremendous support through the divorce process.

– Debbie

Mary’s skills and professionalism led to numerous milestones in my case that I believe are rarely seen in family law cases in Florida. Ultimately, she navigated the legal system and used inconsistencies in my wife’s financial statements along with testimonial discrepancies to show her intention to be untruthful about her financial state and employment status. This led me to be released from any alimony responsibilities.

One of the things that most impress me about Mary was the respect that her presence commanded. Judge and colleagues alike treated Mary with a level of respect that was clearly unique to her. Often times, while in court, Mary was pulled aside by other attorneys seeking information and advice.

I strongly endorse and recommend Mary Quinn and would refer her to others with the utmost confidence. Mary is truly compassionate and dedicated to helping people. From beginning to end, she was always committed to my case. With her guidance and expertise, I had a very successful outcome and she helped me get through a trying and difficult time.

I could continue praising her as a professional and a great human being but it would clearly take a significant amount of writing to describe the great experience I had with Mary.

– Juan